Senior Reminisce Kits now available!

The Oconee County Public Library is offering new resources for seniors that are designed for caregivers of loved ones who have dementia or Alzheimer’s. Reminisce Kits are a curated set of materials that can be checked out from the library and are made specifically to encourage memories of past events and activities that your loved one enjoyed in their younger years. The goal of reminiscence therapy for dementia is to enjoy time with your older adult and set the stage so they have a chance to talk about any memories that might come up. Reminiscing is not the same as asking someone to remember something from the past. Trying to remember something specific can be stressful for someone with dementia. These kits allow memories to be spontaneous and allow the person to experience a feeling of success or confidence.

The kits are very simple to use. There are currently seven themes to choose from: gardening, handyman, sewing, the beach, the city, animals, and farm life. They come with discussion prompts, an activity or two, a DVD or Book, and other tangible items that can be touched or held to spark memories of a specific time or place. The items in the kits can be used all together or separately to provide entertainment, education, or memory therapy.  These kits can be used by individuals, families, or groups. The kits can be checked out for free on any adult Oconee County Public Library card and can be borrowed for 4 weeks. Stop by the Westminster Branch to view the collection in person or browse and request online at These kits are made possible through funding provided by the Oconee County Friends of the Library.

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