Oconee County Parks Pass

Oconee County Parks Passes provide library patrons of Oconee County free admission to any of Oconee County Parks! Free admission for occupants of one vehicle.

County parks in Oconee County:

Chau Ram County Park, High Falls County Park, South Cove County Park. Other Oconee County Areas: Lawrence Bridge, Seneca Creek, Fair Play Beach, Port Bass, South Union, Choestoea, Mullins Ford, Holder's Landing, Barton's MIll, Timberlake.


  • Oconee County Parks Pass are only available to Adult (18+) borrowers that reside in Oconee County and are in good standing.
  • Each household may only check out one Oconee County Parks Pass at a time.
  • Oconee County Parks Passes have a loan period of fourteen (14) days and do not have the option of renewal.
  • Oconee County Parks Passes are available at each library branch circulation desk on a first come, first served basis.

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