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Applying for a Library Card

In order to receive a library card, a person must complete an application and supply identification as described below.

•RESIDENT CARD: To be eligible for a library card, a person must be a resident of Oconee county, own property in the county or be regularly employed in the county. Employment verification is required for those who live outside Oconee county but are regularly employed in the county. Resident cards must be validated every three years.
In order to receive a card, one of the following must be presented:

-Valid South Carolina Driver’s License showing the current address
-Valid South Carolina Highway Department I.D. card showing the current address
-Valid picture ID and one of the following recent forms showing current address:
-utility bill
-voter registration card
-payroll check
-rental or lease agreement
-other official document

•RECIPROCAL BORROWING WITH PICKENS AND ANDERSON COUNTIES: The Oconee County Library System will offer residents of Pickens and Anderson Counties borrowing privileges for all circulating materials at all its service points provided that residents of Oconee County are afforded the same borrowing privileges in all that county’s public library service points. In providing this privilege, it is understood that these out-of-county residents will agree to abide by all borrowing rules of the Oconee County Library System, just as Oconee County residents will be required to abide by the rules of the Pickens or Anderson County Library.

•NON-RESIDENT CARD: Non-residents who do not meet the criteria above may purchase a non-resident card for a $20.00 annual fee. The card is valid for one year. Students who live outside Oconee County but go to school in the county will be allowed a free library card with valid school ID.

•JUVENILE CARDS: If the applicant is less than 18 years of age, his or her parent or responsible party must meet the residency requirements and must accept responsibility for materials borrowed by the juvenile. If they themselves do not have a library card, they must apply for one at the same time. No card will be issued if the parent or responsible party has a blocked account {excessive fines, long overdue or lost items on their own card(s)}.The parent or responsible party may choose to allow the juvenile to receive a restricted access card or an un-restricted access card. Restricted cards do not allow checkout of video material or use of public computers in the adult area of the library. Un-restricted cards allow all privileges, including the ability to check out video material and use of computers in the adult areas of the library. Parents or legal guardians assume the responsibility of the selection of items to be checked out on a juvenile card. OCPL will not monitor nor accept responsibility for the selection of items being checked out on a juvenile card.

•INSTITUTIONAL CARDS: If an Oconee County business owner or supervisor of an institution which is not a public or private school wishes to have an institutional card, he/she must present a current business license and complete an application form. The institution will be responsible for all items checked out on the card. Cards are good for one year, and then a new application must be completed.

If the applicant can show verification of address at the time he/she applies, he/she will be given a card at that time.
A patron must present his/her own valid library card for any transaction unless a responsible party is designated on an application form.
Patrons are responsible for all materials checked out on their cards.
The library discourages a patron from allowing others to check out materials on his/her library card. However, if a patron presents another patron’s library card to check out materials, staff members will assume that permission has been granted for the use of that card unless the card has been reported lost or stolen.
If a patron’s card is lost or stolen, the patron should notify the library immediately in order to prevent unauthorized use of the card. Patron identification and $2.00 is required for a new card. It is the responsibility of the patron to notify the library of an address or name change.
Library cards must be presented each time a patron wishes to check out any material.

  • Hours

    M-F, 9:00 - 6:00; Sat, 9:00-1:00

    M-F, 9:00 - 6:00; Sat, 9:00-1:00

    M-F, 10:00 - 6:00

    M, 10:00 - 6:00; Tue - F, 9:00 - 5:00; closed 12 - 1 for lunch each day

    Internet is not available for final 30 mins (15 mins in Salem and Westminster) that the libraries are open.

  • Branch Locations

    Walhalla Library
    501 W. South Broad Street
    Walhalla, SC 29691

    Seneca Branch
    300 E. South 2nd Street
    Seneca, SC 29678

    Westminster Branch
    112 W. North Avenue
    Westminster, SC 29693

    Salem Branch
    5B Park Avenue
    Salem, SC 29676

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